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What is Keweenawesomefest?

Keweenawesomefest is a celebration of local music and the community of the Keweenaw Peninsula located in Michigan’s snowy Upper Peninsula.

Presented annually by Michigan Tech’s own College Radio Station WMTU, and in collaboration with other University student orgs, Kfest allows local artists to experience a larger venue and increased crowd size while bringing in artists that would not normally come to the Houghton area. As a low-cost event Kfest caters to the entire community for a weekend of fun and entertainment for friends and family alike.


2019 Show times


6:30 - The Graduates

7:30 - Fault Choir

8:30 - Ozone Baby

9:30 - Djiannt


5:30 - Earl Grey

6:30 - Double Grave

7:30 - Jaboukie Young-White

9:00 - Young Pioneer

10:00 - The Go Rounds


Event Details

DAte & Time

Keweenawesomefest 2019 will be on Friday April 5th & Saturday April 6th.

Doors open Friday at 6PM & Saturday at 5PM.


Keweenawesomefest is held in McArdle Theatre located on the 2nd floor of Michigan Tech’s Walker Arts & Humanities Building.

More information about McArdle Theatre can be found on Michigan Tech’s website: https://www.mtu.edu/rozsa/about/facilities/



In collaboration with Blue Key, Rosza Center for Performing Arts, and MUB Board we are pleased to announce that tickets for this year’s Keweenawesomefest will be free.

Pre-sale tickets will be offered by the Rozsa Center for Performing Arts ticketing office and WMTU leading up to the festival. These tickets will be used to gauge attendance numbers.



The Go Rounds

The Go Rounds have used Psychedelic Americana Pop, Twang-Rock & Jelly-Roll and [bits of all your favorite bands exploded into rock n roll confetti] as placeholders intending to cast an umbrella over the sprawling landscape of their sound. Fingerpicked hollow body guitar makes space for slashing fuzz tones; down tempo, introspective ambiance opens into synth-led dance pop; spellbinding vocals weave a silver cord through this field of lush textures and intricate arrangements — a variegated sonic voyage that changes and returns like the seasons, flourishing and weathering the Beauty and the Fury. The result is an experience that is at once accessible, engaging, evocative and surprising– the comfort of a sedan and the exhilaration of driving fast on a loose gravel road.


Jaboukie young-white

Jaboukie Young-White is a comedian, writer and actor who has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, HBO’s Crashing and in the films Rough Night and Set It Up.

Jaboukie has written for the Netflix series Big Mouth and American Vandal. Over the past year, he was named a Comic To Watch by Variety, Rolling Stone, Vulture and The Hollywood Reporter. He has performed at Comedy Central’s Colossal Clusterfest, the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, the New York Comedy Festival and more.


The GRaduates

A local Houghton band, The Graduates bring a fresh and exciting new sound to the small community of the Keweenaw peninsula.

Fault Choir

Fault Choir is a 4 piece ambient post-rock band from Houghton, MI. At their core they incorporate guitars, bass, auxiliary textures, and a full drum setup and strive for effective use of room and rhythm. They draw their strengths and influences from the aggressive rock arrangement but with an air of chillwave hook and reverberation. Some arrangements are strictly instrumental and some include vocal layers. 

Ozone Baby

Your new fav band! The music is in your hands, so have fun with it! Get funky, get sexy, enjoy the sun and some friends. Most important, Start Listening!


Subwoofers, bass, and even more subwoofers and bass.

Raised with no musical background besides a small drum set he barely used when he was a child, Djiaant, also known as AJ, is learning the hard way about music and the production process of it. Over the years, he has crafted his style and improved immensely. Djiaant began producing in early 2010 and continues to craft his style and educate himself on techniques and how to use technology.


Earl Grey

"Oh, like the tea?"

Earl Grey is a pop band based out of Houghton, Michigan. Heavily influenced by acts such as The 1975, their tracks “Far Off” & “Northwest” keep the beat pumping while the chill vocals guide the listener on a journey with every listen. Earl Grey has released two EPs, “Far Off” & “Northwest,” to date with both appearing on major streaming sources.

Double Grave

Hailing from Minnesota, Double Grave is a truly midwestern rock band. Their music can be described as not that heavy, but kind of loud.

Young Pioneer

Young Pioneer is a pop band hailing from Michigan. With songs from the upbeat pop rock single "Playing Pretend" to soaring ballads like "Let's Be Alive" and "Last Words," 2015's record "When Does The Night End" gave listeners sounds reminiscent of the rock and pop bands Young Pioneer grew up with, while telling stories reminiscent of growing up and always keeping hope.